ConsultSpy is a software tool for data logging, diagnosing and tuning Nissan Consult compatible vehicles using the factory Consult diagnostics port.

Wireless Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
Connects to vehicles using either a wireless Bluetooth or wired USB Consult adapter. Compatible with Google Android 6.0+ devices.

High-speed extended data logging
ConsultSpy can record data logs at sample rates up to 200hz, providing high resolution data for analyzing engine operation under dynamic conditions, such as throttle transients and boosting.

Vehicle specific features
ConsultSpy supports standard data monitors on all Nissan Consult compatible vehicles and further extends those with vehicle specific extended data monitors. This allows ECU operation and calibration to be analyzed in a much higher level of detail than is available through the standard Consult diagnostics protocol.

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Nistune Compatible
ConsultSpy is compatible with Nistune upgraded ECUs and provides a convenient way to adjust commonly tuned parameters, including RPM Limit, Speed Limit and Launch Control settings. More advanced tuning features are available in the Pro Tuner version.

Free, Standard and Pro Tuner Licensing
Available in three feature levels
  • Free Version - offers basic functionality on Consult compatible vehicles
  • Standard License - enables the majority of features including extended data monitors and basic Nistune support
  • Pro Tuner License - unlocks more powerful features used by tuners and hardcore enthusiasts
To start using ConsultSpy on your Android 6.0+ device today, use the download link to install the Free Version from Google Play. After installation, upgrade to a Standard or Pro Tuner License by purchasing a License Key through the secure online store. After purchase is confirmed by PayPal, you will receive an email containing your License Key and a link to easily upgrade ConsultSpy to a fully licensed version, unlocking all desired features.

All payments are handled securely through PayPal; we don't have access to, nor do we keep any records of, your credit card or billing information.
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Features and Vehicle Compatibility
License Type Vehicle Type
Free Standard Pro Tuner Consult Z32 R32
Check/Clear Error Codes
View Live Data
Data Log Player
Data Log Recorder
Active Tests
Knock Monitoring
Oxygen Sensor Maps
Extended Data
Nistune - Limiters
Nistune - Launch Control
Nistune - Ethanol Content
Nistune - Aux. Fan Control
Nistune - Knock Control
Nistune - VTC Settings
Nistune - Injector Settings
Nistune - Burn changes
Extended Data Monitors - Z32 300zx 8-bit ECU (VG30DE/VG30DETT)
  • Engine Load (TP)
  • Fuel Target A/F
  • Ignition Dwell Time
  • Injector Latency
  • Sensor Error Flags
  • Rev Limit Cyl. Drop Count
TPS/Acceleration Enrichment
  • Total Accel Enrich Fuel
  • Wall-wetting Accel Fuel
  • Wall-wetting Decel Fuel
  • TPS Delta
  • TPS Delta Enrich Fuel
  • TPS Min Learn
Knock Control
  • Knock Retard
  • Knock Learn A
  • Knock Learn B
  • Knock Learn C
  • Knock Cyl. Background Level (1-6)
  • Knock Cyl. Level (1-6)
  • Knock Retard Table Limit
  • Knock Advance Table Limit
Auxiliary Input
  • Wideband O2 (0-5v Linear)
  • Wideband O2 (0-5v UEGO)
  • Ethanol Content
  • MAP
  • IAT
  • Oil Temperature
Extended Data Monitors - R32 Skyline GTR 8-bit ECU (RB26DETT)
  • Engine Load (TP)
  • Fuel Target A/F
  • Injector Latency
Knock Control
  • Knock Retard
  • Knock Learn A
  • Knock Learn B
  • Knock Learn C
Auxiliary Input
  • Ethanol Content
  • Wideband O2 (0-5v Linear)
  • Wideband O2 (0-5v UEGO)
  • MAP
Nissan CONSULT Wireless Bluetooth Adapter $74.99
Wireless Bluetooth adapter for the Nissan CONSULT diagnostics port.

Nissan CONSULT USB Adapter $49.99
Connect via USB cable to Nissan Consult compatible vehicles. A USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter cable is also required.

USB-C OTG Adapter $9.99

USB Micro OTG Adapter $9.99